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Advertising with Our Hosts

In 2023 ORN hosts accounted for over 2,700,000+ podcast downloads and 40,000,000+ views on YouTube!

Connect on a deeper level

Podcast listeners are extremely in tuned! A host builds a unique connection with the people who listen to them talk for hours every week. People will trust a host's recommendation. The same is true for long form video content. 

Maintain complete control

With new dynamic ad insertion technology you have complete control over where your ads run, for how long and at what rate. This gives us ultimate control to work with you in creating your best ad campaign yet. 

You approve your ads

We build your campaigns for you, but you get the final say! Before any ad campaign is launched you can listen to it and make any changes needed to get your message across exactly how you need it. 


Target the exact areas you need to reach. Geolocation technology paired with dynamic ad technology allows us to deliver ads based on ether region, DMA, city or zip code. This is an ideal option for local businesses or larger companies wanting to target very specific areas. 

Advertise with Confidence

Our technology allows us to guarantee how many impressions we are able to deliver to you on podcast ads. To us, not all impressions are created equal - and with our technology an impression only counts when the entire ad is consumed, beginning to end. This means an impression was not used if someone listens to 28 seconds of your 30-second ad. 

Fine tune any time

Because we maintain complete control over the dynamic ad process fine tuned adjustments can be made to your campaign at any time. This could mean altering a campaign to push a new sale, a new product, deliver to geotargeted areas based on season and much more. 

Targeted delivery

With dynamic ad insertion technology we can target exactly who hears your ad, where & at what times! Ads can easily be targeted by device, geolocation, time & other factors. Ad frequency can also be set whether you are trying to get the word out as quickly as possible or stretch your campaign over an extended period of time. 

Please contact Jacob Myers for advertising opportunities.

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